J463 HVK seems to have been part of the only bulk order of 116″ wheelbase Discovery ambulances, these were supplied to North East Ambulance Service for use in Northumberland. Thanks to one of James Taylor’s previous articles, I know the background to the 116″ development and build, but have been lucky enough to find out a little more from Ronnie Black (ex-ambulanceman of Alnwick) about the ‘HVK’ registered fleet. Ronnie was running a website called ‘Ambulances of the North’ which seems to be out of action at the moment, but he has some photos of their handover outside Alnwick Castle and subsequent promotional shots including winching practice. J463 HVK has had a fairly hard time over the years, has run up 172,000 miles and had spent quite a number of years under the ownership of an event cover paramedic firm.